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16 Mar


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13 Mar

Jewish Men Are Running Off To Chinese

7 Mar

Today I stumbled upon an interesting YouTube video – interview with the reality show celebrity Josie Goldberg.

Actually, the whole interview is quite entertaining, but I specifically was intrigued by the part starting somewhere around 5:25, where Josie is talking about Jewish men (and women) that “when they go out of their race, they run off to Chinese”.

I wouldn’t pay much attention to her comment, but it came just a week after my fellow blogger’s eye-catching post “Are Jewish Women More Likely to Marry Chinese Men?

And then you start counting:

Priscilla Chan / Mark Zuckerberg

Zhang Ziyi / Aviv Nevo).

Crystal Tao [me] / Eugene [my fiance] 🙂

Maybe Josie is right?


Little information I gathered about Josie Goldberg while preparing this post:

She posted a profile on (the site for Jewish dating) in which she complained about her jerk ex-boyfriend and his “cheap mannerisms”.

Her profile caught attention of one TV director who invited Josie to reality show “Farmer wants a wife” from which she was eliminated.

From there she proceeded to be featured in one of Playboy’s issues.

And now she is kind-of-celebrity.

Her website is